SilentCritic was a member of the Silent Walk Forum. He was active from August 2008 to May 2009. He released three games while he was active on the forums.

Games by SilentCriticEdit

SilentCritic realeased three games.

DeaD EchOEdit

DeaD EchO was SilentCritic's first game. This game utilizes the Silent Walk FPS Creator 1.1 engine.

Ratings for DeaD EchO
Jonny 7/10
Artex 6.5/10

Black Moon 1Edit

Black Moon 1 was the first game in the Black Moon series. It also uses the Silent Walk FPS Creator 1.1 engine.

Ratings for Black Moon 1
Ptodab 8.5/10
===Black Moon 2===

Black Moon 2 was the sequel to Black Moon 1. It uses the Silent Walk FPS Creator 1.1 engine. It was very short.

Ratings for Black Moon 2
Ptodab 9/10
Jonny 8/10

Falling OutEdit

In March of 2009 SilentCritic left the community due to ongoing conflict with other members. However, he came back early April and released Black Moon 2, the sequel to Black Moon 1.

Trolling attemptEdit

During the May hacking of the Silent Walk Forums, SilentCritic snapped at the community. He had posted a rant about how the community was reacting negatively to his opinionated posts. After being shunned from that thread, he went on a forum-wide trolling spree. From personally attacking members, to posting spam left and right.

He ended his trolling shortly before the end of May. Many assume this was to escape the wrath of moderators and admins that were going to be re-instated.

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